Infrastructure & Facility



“The college has its own Building. It consists of 4 classrooms ( 2 Each for First and Second Year) , 9 Method rooms , 1 computer Laboratory, 1 seminar hall, Arts and craft room, Curriculum room, Gents and Ladies separate common room, office, Principals cabin and separate washrooms for Gents and Ladies.

Computer Laboratary

The lab is equipped with 25 computers , 1 Printer and 1 L.C.D. Projector. Where Pupil teachers can learn in batches  and complete their practical work. Computer Lab has separate internet connection with LAN.



The college has a full-fledged library with books, reference books, Dictionaries, Encyclopedia text book, maps, educational journals, Periodicals, magazines, weekly magazines, various newspapers, educational surveys  etc.

Science Laboratory

Science Laboratory is well equipped with the essential apparatus for the science experimentswhich are to be demonstrated in the classes of I st to x th are available in laboratory. Apart from these charts, models, essential apparatus are available.

Science Laboratory

Psychological Laboratory

The laboratory is well equipped with the material & apparatus required for the Psychology experiments. A good number of Psychological tests are available in our college.